SureStrip is a revolutionary new product from York Wallcoverings. Made of natural and synthetic fibers SureStrip Prepasted is easier to install and best of all easier to remove! When you are ready to redecorate this product will come off in full strips; no scraping, steaming or chemicals.
Since SureStrip is a prepasted product hanging instructions are still the same merely wet the back and hang. Since SureStrip doesn’t expand when wet or contract upon drying it does not require booking time and virtually eliminates the risk of seams.
Another bonus is York is backing this with a 100% guarantee for the ease of future removal. Caution: You must follow all manufacturer instructions and do not use any paste!
This product allows people who were hesitant about wallpaper and borders the freedom to try it. Without the worry of damage to their walls when it came time to remove it.
Please visit for more information or to look through their selection of products.