• Angels. A row of four different angels. Black and white gingham at the top and bottom edges.

  • Barn Scenes. A variety of five beautiful barns in red frames.

  • Country Baskets. A variety of country baskets arranged on a wood shelf with various primitive items and a welcome sign. Dark beige with green stars.

  • Black horseshoes and stars with a weathered wood background.

  • Black Stars with Vines Black stars with berry vines on a crackled wood background. Black trim.

  • Horseshoes & Lucky Stars. brown horseshoes and stars with a weathered wood background

  • Cherish Live Dream. Plates, sheep and burgundy stars against a soft beige background with black edges.

  • Hearts cut from stripe, plaid and check cloth. Stars across top and check at bottom. Trim is red.

  • Three folk art angels over a primitive hillside scene. Edges are burgundy with blue stars.

  • Land of the Free. A weathered wood background with the words God Bless Our Home. Rusty Red Trim

  • Country Scene. An old barn, a farm house and horses eating in the pasture. Blue trim at the top and green trim at the bottom.

  • Decorated Stoneware A variety of stoneware with beautiful designs. Horses, Trees, Birds, etc. Black Trim.

  • Plates with Expressions. A variety of decorative plates situated on a shelf with a candle. Beige background with rust trim.

  • Decorative Plates. A variety of plates, each with a different saying, displayed on a shelf with a candle and flowers. Light background with black trim.

  • Faith Hope Love. Sheep, burgundy stars and willow trees against a beige background.

  • Family & Friends. Weathered beige background with berries and vines surrounding the words friends faith family. Edges are rusty red

  • Folk art angels in patriotic colors with blue and tan gingham.

  • Folkart on Shelf. Wallpaper Border with Popular folkart border depicts a shelf with barn, houses, sheep, crocks and pip berries. Background is beige, trim red.

  • Folkart Outhouses. Wallpaper Border with His and Hers outhouses in beige, green, brown and blue. Edges are dark brown.

  • Signs with Phrases Primitive country signs, each with a different phrase, on a beige background with a black trim.

  • Expressions. Home sweet home, amazing grace, welcome friends, and give thanks expression signs with a die cut trim

  • Land of the Free. A weathered wood background with the words God Bless Our Home. Blue Trim

  • Patriotic phrases carved in wood with our American flag.

  • Love of a Family. Decorative plates with the phrase Families Are Forever surrounded by stars, pip berries and baskets. Burgundy Trim

  • Love, Faith and Hope Text in multi colored blocks they read Faith, Hope and Love. Trim is dark and light beige weathered wood. Full repeat only shown in enlargement!

  • Primitive Village Wallpaper Border with Miniature primitive houses on a shelf with vines and berries. Light wood panel background.

  • Patriotic items such as baskets, birdhouses, hearts & angels hang on a light wood board. Bottom is die cut.

  • Wallpaper Border with Patriotic border has baskets, hearts, stars, angels & vines of pip berries all in red white & blue hanging from a burgundy weathered board. Bottom is die cut.

  • Angel, Heart with American Flag, and a Star. Weathered background with a red trim at the top.

  • Red, white and blue birdhouse, heart, basket and liberty angel hang from a weathered white shelf.

Primitive Wallpaper Borders

Inviting a touch of the Old Country into your home isn't hard at all with our selection of primitive wallpaper border designs. Featuring rustic motifs and a palette of warm, neutral tones, these primitive borders work beautifully in any home with a traditional interior design.

Designed to show a full repeat, our borders are easy to put up and match for the best effect. There's little need to adjust the wallpaper when you need to put up more than one roll of our borders. All our products are 15 feet long unless otherwise specified. The mural sizes are also specified on the order page for each particular design. Colors may vary from monitor to monitor. However, if you would like to see particular products in person, we may be able to provide you with a sample.

What makes a primitive wall border so charming in a traditional home? Compared to contemporary designs, those that follow the primitive Americana style offer a look that celebrates the warmth of the hearth and the comforts of being close to family and friends. For homes that can't accommodate the full array of wooden Americana décor and folk art, our primitive wallpaper borders provide an easy way to add that touch of country warmth without shrinking a room's space.

Our borders feature a variety of designs, but below are the most salient motifs you can consider for your home:

Expressions and Words: Evoking inspiration every day is simple with down-to-earth expressions that bring to mind the spirit of the Old Country. Whether they're words meant to welcome guests or words that simply celebrate life as it happens with faith, love, and hope, borders featuring them will certainly add charm to any living room or dining room.

Folk Art: Love the look of shelves full of folk art, but don't have the space to keep them in your home? That's no problem with our selection of borders featuring folk art. By strategically applying these along kitchen counters or close to the ceiling, you can mimic the look of intricately decorated primitive homes. Aside from designs featuring handmade works, we also offer a selection of borders featuring paintings of the countryside to add a perfect rustic touch to any room.

Patriotic Décor: Expressing your love for country inside your home is easy with a primitive wallpaper border featuring patriotic décor. With the classic stars and stripes adorning painted landscapes, handmade items, and even quiltwork, you won't be at a loss for a way to show your patriotic side while matching the greater motif of your home.

If you're looking for other designs that evoke the warmth and charm of the countryside, you may also want to take a look at our country wallpaper borders. We also have a selection of kitchen wallpaper borders that help create welcoming spaces for guests. Need any assistance? Feel free to contact us.