Kids Wallpaper Borders

Bring character, color, and detail to your child’s room with kids wallpaper borders from us here at Wallpaper Borders Discount. Check out our unique selection of wallpaper borders for kids. You can create a kid’s room that the whole family will love and cherish for years to come. Our designs appeal to children of a wide age group and feature an array of fun styles. From darling pastel-colored owls lined up on a tree branch and amazing spaceships traversing through colorful planets.

Wallpaper and wall borders are wonderful because they can be used in any type of room. Consequently they add color, pattern, texture, and interest. Using wallpaper and wall borders for kids will add a touch of fun and inject your child’s personality into his or her room and your home.

Kids wallpaper border designs tell a story. Use them to reflect their hobbies, interests, and favorite cartoon characters, animals, and landscapes. You can also create a theme and anchor the room’s furnishings to the wallpaper and borders. In conclusion you can create a fun and cheerful space that’s a pleasure to come home to day after day.

  • 100 Aker Wood


    100 Aker Wood. Wallpaper Border with Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore and Tigger play in the 100 Aker Wood.

  • 100 Million Years Ago. When dinosaurs roamed the earth.

  • A day at the zoo. All the animals of the zoo.

  • A variety of cute bugs on a light purple background. CLEARANCE!! This pattern has been discontinued. Only 1 left in stock.

  • A variety of cute cuddly teddy bears. Top is die cut.

  • ABC Animal Border. Wallpaper Border with Contemporary alphabet border in black, beige, red and grey. Background is white with black trim.

  • ABC Border


    ABC Border. Wallpaper Border with The alphabet with animals in yellow, orange, pink, aqua, lavender, and brown. White background with aqua trim.

  • ABCs in Aqua. Alphabet in aqua, green and blue on a white background with green edges.

  • All Sports.

  • American Chopper. Wallpaper Border with A variety of Bikes featured on the famous American Choppers. Full repeat shown only in enlargement.

  • Animals of the jungle Wallpaper Border with A variety of birds, gorilla, tigers, a monkey, panda, and koala sitting among tropical foliage. Leopard print trim.

  • Avengers


    Avengers. Wallpaper Border with Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America & Thor are just a few of the members that make up the Avengers.

  • Puppies and kittens relaxing in the grass.

  • Baby`s Vehicles Wallpaper Border with Brightly colored tractors, trucks, airplanes and a race car. Red trim.

  • Ballet Class


    Ballet Class Wallpaper Border with little girls in ballet class

  • Ballet Hello Kitty. Cameo's of Kitty in lavender and pink. Sculptured top and bottom.

  • Barnyard Friends. A cow, sheep, duck, pig and chicken line up against a white fence.

  • Surfboards, a grass hut and palm trees on the beach. Top trim is blue. Bottom trim is a dark sand color.

  • Beach Toys


    A Day at the Beach. Wallpaper Border with Flip flops, beach ball, sand bucket, chair and umbrella. Everything you need for a day at the beach! Cream and blue background. Blue trim.

  • Your favorite stuffed animals tucked in ready for bedtime prayers. Top edge is die cut, bottom edge is teal. CLEARANCE!! This pattern has been discontinued. Only 6 left in stock.

  • Big City


    Big City. Traffic in the big city.

  • Black & Silver. Butterflies in black, gold and silver. Edges are gold.

  • Black and White Zebra design. Black trim. CLEARANCE!! This pattern has been discontinued. Only 1 left in stock.

  • Blue Butterflies. Silver and blue butterflies on an aqua background. Edges are a dark aqua.

  • CLEARANCE!! This pattern has been discontinued. Only 8 left in stock.

  • Bohemian Floral. Pink flowers on a white background.

  • Boyds Bears


    Boyds Bears. Wallpaper Border with A variety of sleeping Boyds Bears

  • Bratz dolls


    CLEARANCE!! This pattern has been discontinued. Only 1 left in stock.

  • Bright Flag Border. Wallpaper Border with Fun flag border in bright pink, lime, orange & aqua with a purple ribbon laced through the top. Bottom edge is sculptured.

  • Flip Flops. Wallpaper Border with A variety of colorful flip flops. This border is sculpted top and bottom