• Cattle Drive


    Cattle Drive Wallpaper Border with Cowboys herd steer across the prairie with mountains in the distance. Dark green trim.

  • Cattle Roping


    Cowboys lassoing cows. Colors in border are blue, tan, brown, green and white. Edges are tan.

  • Cowboys crossing creek on their horses. Edge is green.

  • Evening at campsite. Wallpaper Border with Cowboys relaxing at the end of the day. Edges are green.

  • Happy Horses


    Happy Horses. Wallpaper Border with Horses happily splashing through the waves on the beach. Horses are black, brown and white.

  • Horse Farm


    Horses line up along the fence with foals. Bottom edge is green, top edge is blue.

  • Horses. Six different horses stand along the fence.

  • Mares and foals. Mares and their foals in the pasture. edges are light green.

  • Indians & Horses. Indians and their horses on the plains. Edges are brown.

  • Pony Express


    Horses in a soft green pasture with an overlay of faint writing and postmarks. Edges are black.

  • Rodeo Cowboy


    A variety of rodeo events on a white background. This pattern is die-cut on the top and bottom.

  • Running Wild


    Running Wild. Horses running across the grass, has the look of a black and white photo. Edges are black.

  • Faint writing and postmarks over a field of horses. Neutral tones with a pop of teal, edges are brown.

  • A group of thoroughbreds grazing on a peaceful farm. This pattern has been discontinued, only 2 in stock.

  • Wild Horses


    A variety of beautiful horses running through the creek.

  • Ranchers rounding up wild horses. Border has a dark navy edge.

  • Cowboys and cowgirls rounding up wild horses. Edges are green.

  • Mustangs running in the wild.