• Array of Summer Flowers. Summer Flowers in lavender, purple, pink & white. Background is sage green top trim is pink. Bottom is die cut.

  • Puppies and kittens relaxing in the grass.

  • Backyard in bloom. Flower garden with planting paraphernalia and an old bike leaning against the fence. Edges are green.

  • Baskets


    Baskets. Baskets and stoneware filled with dried floral arrangements. Background is weathered beige paneling.

  • Beautiful Flowers. Three different collages of flowers in a variety of colors. Edges are blue.

  • Beautiful Hydrangeas Wallpaper Border with Lavender, pink and white hydrangeas on a crackled beige background. Lavender Trim.

  • Birds, butterflies and flowers all in shades of purple, dark pink, green and beige on a black background.

  • Beautiful blue hydrangeas on a carved stone shelf CLEARANCE!! This pattern has been discontinued. Only 4 left in stock.

  • Blue Hydrangeas. Hydrangea in shades of blue and white. Beige background with blue edges.

  • Blue Violets


    Violets in shades of light and dark blue.Blue background with dark blue trim. CLEARANCE!! This pattern has been discontinued. Only 7 left in stock.

  • Bohemian Floral. Pink flowers on a white background.

  • Botanical Leaves Wallpaper Border with a variety of leaves in sage green and lavender on a beige background.

  • Bright & Traditional. Wallpaper Border with Flowers in bold bright pink white & yellow on a olive green background. Traditional molding runs across the top while the bottom is sculptured.

  • Cobblestone Village. Thomas Kinkade`s Cobbestone Village. Black Trim.

  • Floral Wallpaper Border with a collage of flowers on a green wood shelf.

  • A variety of playful kittens in a beautiful flower garden with bees and butterflies. Blue Trim.

  • Colorful Zinnias. Wallpaper Border with Red, yellow and rust Zinnias on a white background with green trim.

  • Contemporary Daisies. Wallpaper Border with Sculptured top and bottom outlined in black. Daisies outlined in red and beige.

  • Contemporary Daisies. Wallpaper Border with Pink and green Daisies with a contemporary water color look. Pink trim.

  • Contemporary Floral Wallpaper Border with Lavender, Roses, Magnolia and an Iris on light green blue and beige background. Dark beige trim.

  • Daisies


    Daisies. Wallpaper Border with Circles and Daisies in white and lime green on a soft lavender background.

  • Dark Sunflower. Wallpaper Border with Deep yellow Sunflowers on a background of green beige and yellow hues. There is a Ladybug, Bee, Dragonfly and Butterflies. Sculptured bottom with dark green top trim.

  • Floral Wallpaper Border with Floral design on a light reflective border, with a sculpted edge.

  • Dried Hydrangeas. Old crocks, candles and baskets with hydrangeas against a rusty red wood background. Top edge is a dark rusty red , bottom edge is gray and black.

  • Drying Flowers. Wreaths, baskets and drying flowers hang from a shelf. Top edge is red, bottom edge is die cut.

  • Orange Flowers. Faded orange flowers on thin branches across a beige background. Edges are darker beige.

  • Fairy Garden


    Pixies and fairies play in a vast array of flowers. Edges are lavender.

  • Beautiful blocked florals in slate gray, purples, bronze, and cream.

  • Floral Border


    Floral Border. Blues and yellows make up this beautiful floral pattern. Bottom edge is sculptured.

  • Floral Border. Wallpaper Border with Yellow & blue flowers trail along a white background. Top edge is blue, bottom edge is die cut.