• A variety of cute cuddly teddy bears. Top is die cut.

  • African Safari Wallpaper Border with Elephants, giraffe, zebra and gazelle in the wilds of Africa. Sage green trim.

  • Along the stream. A buck and two does stand along the stream. Edges are green.

  • Animal Silhouettes. Wallpaper Border with Moose, Deer and Bear Silhouettes in a brown, rustic color.

  • Animals of the jungle Wallpaper Border with A variety of birds, gorilla, tigers, a monkey, panda, and koala sitting among tropical foliage. Leopard print trim.

  • Animals of Wild Wallpaper Border with a leopard, tiger, baby monkey, panda, gorilla and parrots. Leopard skin trim.

  • Puppies and kittens relaxing in the grass.

  • Barnyard Friends. A cow, sheep, duck, pig and chicken line up against a white fence.

  • Bear Cubs. Wallpaper Border with Three cubs play in the forest. Edges are olive green.

  • Bears. Pattern looks like the bears, pines and mountains have been burnt into the off white wood background. Edges are black.

  • Birch Trees & Elk. Dark beige squares with birch trees, pine cones and the silhouette of an elk.

  • A variety of birds eating bird seed off the ground. Green Trim CLEARANCE!! This pattern has been discontinued. Only 7 left in stock.

  • Black Bears. A black bear and her cubs watch as camp is made in the woods. Edges are green.

  • Blue Wilderness. Signs in blue, beige and green depicting scenes of the great outdoors.

  • Boyds Bears


    Boyds Bears. Wallpaper Border with A variety of sleeping Boyds Bears

  • Buck and Does Wallpaper Border with A buck and three does stand alert as the morning light streams through the forest. Transparent gray trim.

  • Cabins on the Lake lighted cabins at dusk on the lake with boats, a footbridge and an outhouse. Black trim.

  • Camping & Canoeing. Variety of camping and canoeing in shades of aqua, blue, green, white and beige.

  • Cattle Drive


    Cattle Drive Wallpaper Border with Cowboys herd steer across the prairie with mountains in the distance. Dark green trim.

  • A variety of playful kittens in a beautiful flower garden with bees and butterflies. Blue Trim.

  • Country Roosters. Wallpaper Border with Roosters and stars on a crackled mustard background with burgundy and black edges.

  • Dairy Cow


    Dairy Cows Dairy cow in the pasture at sunrise. Black trim.

  • Deer by Cabin. Wallpaper Border with Deer roaming in the surroundings of a mountain cabin. Dark green trim.

  • Deer Family. Wallpaper Border with A family of deer on the waters edge with a cabin & canoe in the background. Edges are brown.

  • Deer. A herd of deer move through the forest. Top edge is green.

  • Deer in wooded area. Beautiful autumn day with deer on a rocky hillside with shades of brown blue and green. Edges are brown.

  • Deer Near a Cabin a lighted cabin on the lake with deer in the foreground. Black trim.

  • Deer on the run. Three framed outdoor scenes of deer running through farm lands and wooded areas in tranquil fall colors.

  • Deer, Elk, Moose Wallpaper Border with Paintings of an Elk, a Deer and a Moose superimposed on a pine forest backdrop. Brown Trim

  • Die cut camo


    Die cut camo. Real tree camo – top edge looks like bark; bottom edge is die cut.