Western Borders

Themes of the old West inspire our western wallpaper borders. They also encompass a few different styles of the new West.  Commonly found subjects are cattle drives and roundups of wild mustangs.  Other items also associated with this style are rodeos, horseshoes, and saddles. Mountain ranges and the Great Plains region landscapes are a favorite as well. Muted colors help with that old west feel. Commonly used colors in southwestern decor are natural earth tones such as beige, orange and yellow. Some western themes also lean towards the warm, vibrant use of these colors. Desert landscapes and Native American culture are typical patterns.

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    Native Americans


    Riding painted horses across the green plains.

  • A variety of rodeo events on a white background. This pattern is die-cut on the top and bottom.

  • Horses in a soft green pasture with an overlay of faint writing and postmarks.

  • Evening at campsite. Wallpaper Border with Cowboys relaxing at the end of the day. Edges are green.

  • Cowboys lassoing cows. Colors in border are blue, tan, brown, green and white. Edges are tan.