Horses Borders

Horses Wallpaper Borders for horse lovers and owners. First of all the hobby of horse riding has always been very popular. Also, the Horse Farms of Kentucky and other places have become tourist attractions. Many horses have lost their lives while carrying soldiers and supplies into battle. As a result, the horse has become another one of man’s best friends. Wallpaper Borders with Horses decorate many homes of Horse lovers. They also decorate many business places. We carry themes of domesticated horses working the ranch. In addition to Wild Mustangs on the wide open range.

Thanks for shopping with us. And remember we are adding new patterns all the time.

  • A variety of rodeo events on a white background. This pattern is die-cut on the top and bottom.

  • Horses in a soft green pasture with an overlay of faint writing and postmarks.

  • Mares and their foals in the pasture. Edges are light green.

  • Horses line up along the fence with foals. Bottom edge is green, top edge is blue.

  • Horses splashing through the waves on the beach.

  • Evening at campsite. Wallpaper Border with Cowboys relaxing at the end of the day. Edges are green.

  • Cowboys lassoing cows. Colors in border are blue, tan, brown, green and white. Edges are tan.