Fruit/Vegetables Borders

  • Grapevines, leaves, and clusters of grapes. Bottom edge is die cut.

  • A pitcher and bowls full of artfully arranged grapes, pears and apples.

  • Apples


    Red apples and berry branches.

  • Vintage seed packets. Bottom edge is die cut.

  • Baskets full of flowers, apples, pears and grapes hang from a blue wooden shelf. Background is bright white, bottom edge is die cut.

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    Sculptured Apples


    Red and yellow apples on a red background. Top edge is weathered wood, bottom is sculptured.

  • Red and yellow apples. Top edge is wood while bottom edge is die cut.

  • A weathered shelf full of red apples. Beige background with burgundy edges.

  • A wide variety of fruit laid out in bowls, vases and plates. Has a metallic sheen.

  • Hanging red and yellow hot peppers. Off-white background, wood top trim.

  • Birds among trees, flowers and stumps. Background is beige weathered wood; edges are light brown.

  • Grapes and plums trail on a stone wall. Top edge is green and brown, bottom edge is die cut.

  • An array of fruit and vegetable signs. Top and bottom edges are die cut.

  • Vines and grape clusters hang from this border.

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    A bunch of hot red chili peppers on a navy blue background. Green and yellow weave trim.

  • Baskets and bowls of fruit fill the shelf with a pitcher napkins and boxes.

  • Combination of grapes and roses in baskets. Top edge is slate blue, bottom edge is die cut.

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    Blackberries, blueberries & apples hang from vines on a pale yellow background.

  • Apples and pears in red frames.

  • Delicious apples with stars and vines.