Dogs and Cats Borders

Dogs-Cats wallpaper borders depict America’s favorite pets in several scenes. Today puppies and kittens are some of the most cuddly animals in the world. So are their parents. It seems like dogs have been man’s hunting partners since ancient times. Much as many are today. Cats most of all are house pets. Many dogs are house pets also. Chances are you have a pet dog or cat or both. Check out what we have in stock. If you don’t see what you’re looking for give us a call, we will check with our distributors and manufacturers. Maybe we can find what you are looking for at a reasonable price. Because most of all we want you to be satisfied.

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    Four different portraits framed in birch hang against a green leather background.

  • Housecats warm themselves in front of the large arched windows.

  • Labs


    Golden, black and chocolate labs among the cattails.

  • Scene of a quiet pond with ducks over head while black, yellow and chocolate labs are in the forefront.

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    Hunting Dogs


    Framed pictures of labs duck hunting, fishing and helping in the orchard. Top edge is die cut.

  • Black, brown and white labs wait patiently along a wood fence with duck decoys and other hunting equipment.

  • A variety of playful kittens in a beautiful flower garden with bees and butterflies. Blue Trim.