How you remove your paper or border will depend on three things what type of paper you have, how it was installed and your patience level.
So the first method and the easiest way is to just peel the paper off your wall. Luck will definitely need to be on your side here. For who knows what reason some people do not primer their wall before installing wallpaper which means this method will not work for you without significant damage to your wall. Try peeling a small section a way from the wall if it comes away easily with no damage to the wall and the backing is not left attached to the wall you are good to continue. Any remnants left behind can easily be scraped off.
Second method is the solvent method. Some tools that may be necessary for this are rubber gloves, eye protection, broad knives, ladder, scoring tool and spray bottle. Commercial solvents are generally mixed with water and can be sprayed onto the paper or as a gel that can be brushed on. Remember to take outlet covers off and to cover all electrical outlet so no water drips into them. Also adequate ventilation should be consider as some solvents can have a noxious fume. First you will want to score the paper so the solvent can soak in and loosen the adhesive. Work in small areas as to keep the water as ht as possible which will help dissolve the adhesive. Peel paper off and then use the broad knife to scrape backing from wall. Once all wallpaper and backing are removed spray wall one last time and scrape off any missed spots. Wipe down the walls with a moist sponge and let dry for a few days.
Third method is basically the same as the second but will not use harsh chemicals for those of you with kids or pets. All you need is warm/hot water with a few tablespoons of white vinegar or 2 gallons hot water mixed with 1 1/2 cups fabric softener. Follow same procedure as before.
Fourth method uses steam.Steamers are good for removing stiff heavy old style wallpaper or paper that has been adhered to the wall a very long time. You will need the same tool as the solvent method but be careful of the hot steam and dripping hot water! You will also need good ventilation here as it produces a lot of moisture. Place pad of steamer on surface of wallpaper long enough to allow the steam to penetrate the paper and soften the glue. As you use the steamer you will be able to tell how long to hold the steamer in place for the best results. Once loosened use broad knife (scraper) to remove paper. (Do not use hands!! Steamer has heated the glue and paper and could cause burns)