Christmas in our family is always a loud, chaotic and absolutely wonderful time. You see between all of us we have 12 girls under 16. Yes all girls!! Our cousin will be having a little boy in February but lets be honest I feel just a bit sorry for him. Now you may be wondering how in the world can we stay sane during the holidays with this many people. Our family decide a few years ago that we would no longer exchange presents at Christmas. Instead we get together for Christmas dinner as normal and after we play Christmas themed games with the kids. We also have a craft for them to make.
Now the games can be as simple as playing board games , Apples to Apples is always a favorite or elaborate as you like. Last years games had the theme of “The 12 Games of Christmas” which had several hilarious results.
The crafts can be based on your family’s ages and talents skills. Coloring pages were used one year, we’ve made lighted snowmen out of milk jugs, snow globes (harder to make then you would think) and ornaments. This years craft is picture frames. We took a group picture of all the girls so at Christmas they will have it to put in their decorated frames.
Working in the wallpaper business I obviously use the discontinued books in a plethora of crafting ideas. This year the samples will be used as matting for the pictures or they can decoupage the frames.
We have also used wallpaper samples to make Christmas trees with varying degrees of success. Next year I think we may let the girls try making a scrapbook out of some of the paper or abstract art pieces for their rooms.
Christmas is not about the amount of money you spend on each other but the amount of time you spend with each other.